The beginning of the ultimate shopping season officially kicks off with Black Friday. And even though November is about family and Thanksgiving and getting together, it also seems to be about ripping each other apart for a good sale. Heavy metal fans know a thing or two about disorder, but the crowds at these massive chain retailers would give the most violent mosh pits a run for their money. So, to help you prepare for this mayhem, we have put together a playlist to complement the utter chaos of your shopping experience on Black Friday:

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    'It's On'


    While you’re digesting your corn from your Thanksgiving meal, you can blast ‘It’s On’ by Korn when you head out the door early Friday morning. Hearing singer Jonathan Davis belt out ‘Come On / It’s On’ along with rattling bass lines, crashing cymbals and heavy riffs is enough to pump you up for the shopping day of reckoning.

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    Drowning Pool

    We've all seen the videos of people getting stomped on and pushed out of the way for a sale. So we thought Drowning Pool's lead single off their debut album ‘Sinners’ would be the perfect song while watching all of the violence go down on Black Friday. The chorus of the song ‘Let the bodies hit the floor’ says it all.

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    'I Stand Alone'


    Godsmack’s tune ‘I Stand Alone' is one for the individuals who are brave enough to tackle the shopping duties of ‘Black Friday’ by themselves. Sometimes the best way to shop is to be a one person army, and frontman Sully Erna sings it best when he belts, “I stand alone / Inside, I stand alone.“

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    'Iron Army'

    In This Moment

    For some, shopping solo is the way to go, but for others they like to go forward and take advantage of the sales with an army. Frontwoman Maria Brink spits out the chorus, “I built myself a f---ing iron army.” The battleground for this militia in this case would be the mall or those major retail stores so make sure you build a good f---ing army for this year’s Black Friday.

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    'Crusher Destroyer'


    It’s no secret that Black Friday is known to bring out the worst in some people. Even your local librarian becomes a raging, cart-pushing, credit-card-swiping machine. If you turn into this type of person, as well, you’ve probably been listening to Mastodon’s ‘Crusher Destroyer.’ With chaotic drum patterns and blistering riffs it’s difficult not to go into a state of ultimate obliteration. “Less contenders on the way / Today let them pay “ and they're not talking of a payment that’s cash or credit.

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    Whether it’s ‘Perseverance’ or just plain madness that makes you head to the store at 3AM for the hottest deals on that new television or game console, make sure you blast Hatebreed’s anthem of strength as you prepare yourself for an early day of shopping mayhem. Heed singer Jamey Jasta’s words of wisdom: “Perseverance / Against all opposition / Crushing all limitations / Pure strength through solitude / Discipline and determination.”

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    'A New Level'


    This one is for the guys, who by the end of Black Friday, have reached ‘A new level of confidence and power.’ Pantera’s ‘A New Level’ off of ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ is the perfect anthem for a dude who’s arms are cramping with all the bag holding and waiting around when they could be sleeping or eating leftovers.

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    ‘Bring the Fight (To The Floor)’


    There have been many fights on the floor… of Walmart, K-Mart and any other mart you can name. DevilDriver’s ‘Bring the Fight (To the Floor)’ off their album ‘Beast’ is the perfect song for barbaric shoppers especially with lyrics “Bring the fight / Bring the fight / To the floor / No price for power.” If there is a price for power, it better be on sale this Friday!

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    'Pain Is a Master'


    After you’ve fought on the floor, you’ll start feeling the pain on Saturday. With aching bones and sore muscles Gojira’s ‘Pain Is a Master’ from their latest album ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ is one to keep in mind while you’re hurting. Sure the song starts off harmless at the beginning, but it soon unravels into utter chaos, just like Black Friday.

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    'People = S--t'


    During your outing on Black Friday or when you finally get home and dump all of the bags to the side, when you look back on the pushing and shoving and those who have skipped you in lines you’ll realize that many people do in fact equal s---. We round out our list with Slipknot’s venomous track ‘People = S--t’ because the band does have a point in the song title, particularly when it comes to the savagely traditional behavior of the human race on Black Friday!

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