Soulfly have announced plans to release their eighth studio album on March 13, 2012, titled ‘Enslaved.’ The new release celebrates the band’s 15 year history.

Max Cavalera and his band Soulfly have been delivering their own brand of tribal metal for 15 years now, so what more fitting way to celebrate than to offer up a new record to the masses. 'Enslaved' will also feature new drummer David Kinkade.

‘Enslaved’ will show off Soulfly experimenting with some new elements throughout, as is customary for the band, including some violin. Production duties for ‘Enslaved’ where shared between Zeuss and Cavalera himself.

‘Enslaved’ also features guest appearances by Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation as well as Dez Fafara of DevilDriver. Ryan commented on the experience, saying, "[it's] an honor to receive a call from someone you had pictures of on your wall as a kid."

‘Enslaved’ debuts the song ‘Revengeance,’ penned for Cavalera’s slain stepson Dana. The song is collaboration between Cavalera and his three sons – Zyon on drums and Igor and Richie sharing vocals.

Final track sequencing has not yet been finalized but the band has offered up a tentative listing, with 11 songs on the record and the remaining three on a special edition release.

Tentative ‘Enslaved’ Track Listing + Bonus Tracks:

World Scum
American Steel
Redemption of Man By God
Plata O Plomo
Soulfly VIII