Director Thomas Mignone has worked with a number of rockers over the years and now several of them are lining up to help the video auteur with his upcoming feature film project. Mignone is overseeing a biopic on '70s and '80s porn star Vanessa Del Rio, with Soulfly's Max Cavalera recently signing on to work on music for the movie, while Glenn Danzig has agreed to take on a role in the film.

Cavalera will be working on the score, and he recently stated in a video interview (seen below), "It's the first soundtrack that I've ever been involved with, so I'm really excited. I'm going to try real hard to make some different sounds, maybe some Brazilian kind of sounds … some percussive tribal elements combined. It's gonna be great and I'm really excited to work with Thomas again. It's gonna be a cool project, so check it out."

As for Danzig, Blabbermouth reports that he agreed to make an appearance in the film as a violent thug. The movie is set in New York's Times Square in the late '70s and is described as "'Boogie Nights' meets 'Taxi Driver.'"

At present, an Indiegogo fundraising campaign has been established online to meet the costs of making the film. The organizers are currently halfway to meeting their $30,000 goal and there is a wealth of prize incentives to get people to donate. One of the prizes is a number of Danzig-signed shooting scripts that are going for $100 a pop.

In addition to Mignone, Cavalera and Danzig, the film has another music connection as Tool's Paul D'Amour is listed on the Indiegogo site as composing the original score for the movie, but with Cavalera's involvement, it's unclear if D'Amour is still connected to the film. For more details and to donate to the film's budgeting, check out the Indiegogo website here.

Watch Max Cavalera Discuss the Vanessa del Rio Biopic