Soulfly are getting ready to release their highly anticipated eighth studio album 'Enslaved' on March 13. Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera recently sat down with Roadrunner Records to discuss the process of crafting 'Enslaved' in a video clip that we are premiering right here on Loudwire.

"My goal was to make this a very great album with a lot of new ideas," says Cavalera. "We actually wrote three songs a day. We worked on the music of the three songs and with just that rhythm he [David Kinkade] recorded the drums over it."

In addition to Soulfly founder Max Cavalera and longtime member Marc Rizzo, current Ministry bassist Tony Campos and former Borknagar drummer David Kinkade lent their talents to 'Enslaved.'

Cavalera commented on the efficiency of the recording process for 'Enslaved' and the reliability and talents of its musicians. "I could just concentrate my time on the writing of the music early in the day, and they would stay here 'til late night recording the drums," says Cavalera. "Then the next day I'd come in early in the morning and those songs would be recorded already. Then I would start writing another three songs. I found that to be a very cool way to keep it exciting and to also keep it creative."

As we reported earlier today (Feb. 22) Max Cavalera was recently diagnosed with Bell's Palsy after being rushed to a hospital unable to move one half of his face. Luckily, Cavalera is expected to fully recover.

Watch the Exclusive Video of Max Cavalera Discussing 'Enslaved'