The new season of 'Guitar Center Sessions' kicks off this Sunday night (May 4) with Soundgarden as the featured band. In advance of the Sunday airing, Guitar Center is teaming with Loudwire to bring you this exclusive preview clip from the show.

In the video posted above, the members of Soundgarden sit down for a chat with 'Guitar Center Sessions' host Nic Harcourt and the topic turns to their 1997 split at the height of their popularity. Guitarist Kim Thayil jokes, "[We] were not selling enough records I guess."

Frontman Chris Cornell states, "There wasn't some sort of philosophical conflict. It was more of a day-to-day life becomes less enjoyable. And because of what we'd created, for me there was more of a preservationalist attitude towards it. Like, if this is gonna be icky, then let's just not do it. So up to that point we hadn't made any mistakes with our music or made any mistakes in front of our fans."

Bassist Ben Shepherd interjects, "And we didn't make any mistakes friendship wise. We were all still really good friends, so there was no 'story' when we broke up."

To see more of Soundgarden's interview with 'Guitar Center Sessions' host Nic Harcourt as well as the stellar musical performance captured at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, be sure to tune in this Sunday at 8PM on DIRECTV's Audience Channel (channel 239) and return each Sunday night for additional 'Guitar Center Sessions' performances throughout the coming months. See the full schedule here, and visit the official 'Guitar Center Session' website for more info.

Soundgarden are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 'Superunknown' album and specialty releases are currently available for pre-order at both Amazon and iTunes.