In just four years, Spirift Adrift's ascension has been remarkable to watch. The band, who equally embraces classic doom and traditional heavy metal, originally began as a solo project by Nate Garrett, who, until earlier this year, was also a member of death metal upstarts Gatecreeper. Enlightened in Eternity is the latest from Spirit Adrift, now a duo, and Garrett enlightened us with his picks for the 10 Most Underrated Albums by Beloved Bands.

This isn't just picking a bunch of dark horse albums that are usually maligned by fans and critics alike, though some anecdotes are sure to fuel some heated conversation later once you've combed through the record selection.

Truthfully, when we saw Garrett had chosen Ozzy's No More Tears, we were convinced there was some sort of miscommunication on what this whole thing was supposed to be about. But we were won over — it's a fine argument as to how a four-times platinum album could possibly bear the label of being underrated.

As evident in some of Spirift Adrift's music, which draws considerably less from Candlemass than most doom-oriented groups of today, the riffing ethos is channeled from the book of Tony Iommi... and that other Tony in Black Sabbath everyone fails to mention — Tony Martin! His era of the band is vastly under-appreciated and almost wholeheartedly ignored by Sabbath's faithful (save for one unabashed fanatic here at Loudwire).

Listen to Spirit Adrift's "Screaming From Beyond" off the new album, Enlightened in Eternity, below. Look for the album to come out on Oct. 16 on 20 Buck Spin (order here) and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Expect the unexpected in the list below and check out all of Garrett's picks.

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