Buckcherry have been cranking out down and dirty rock 'n' roll for 20 years now, but two of the band's members, singer Josh Todd and guitarist Stevie D., have switched up their musical profile with the new outfit Spraygun War. The duo are set to release their debut EP, Into the Blackness, and are premiering a video for their new song "OMG" exclusively at Loudwire (watch above).

Before the song starts, Spraygun War set the tone of the track with an Arthur C. Clarke quote that condems killing people in the name of God. A bass beat enters with the steady snapping of fingers before the tempo picks up, dropping out suddenly and displaying footage of an explosive attack. A dubstep / breakbeat rhythm collides with stunted guitar chords while Todd raps with ferocity, bobbing around in sync with the beat.

Buckcherry fans may initially be thrown off by the track simply because it is a vast departure from the driving hard rock the band has been responsible for over the course of seven albums. Todd's nasal-toned voice is dialed back during the verse, but the familiar style works its way back into the fold over the chorus.

Into the Blackness will be available June 10 and pre-orders can be placed here. Fans who pre-order the EP will receive an instant grat track of "OMG" and can gain entry to the Spraygun War EP release party at Forgotten Saints in Los Angeles on June 9.

Spraygun War, Into the Blackness Track Listing

1. "OMG"
2. "Booty Big and Wide"
3. "Turn Out the Lights"
4. "El Sicario"
5. "Fury"

Spraygun War, Into the Blackness EP Cover

Spraygun War
Spraygun War

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