No one is keeping the glam-tastic, larger-than-life, era of hair bands alive quite like Steel Panther. With their latest release ‘Balls Out,’ the Panthers dug deep, penning memorable opuses such as ’17 Girls In a Row’ and ‘Supersonic Sex Machine.’

‘Balls Out’ boasts a few special guests as well including the unlikely pairing of Chad Kroeger from Nickelback on the track ‘It Won’t Suck Itself.’ Steel Panther’s bitchin’ bassist Lexxi Foxx recently took us behind the scenes of ‘Balls Out’ to explain the collaboration with Kroeger and their ulterior motives behind it all: to bring back heavy metal!

Foxx said it all happened one night, when Kroeger came out to their show while they were working on the new record. Kroeger extended an invitation, saying, “Dudes come on up to my place.” And, according to Foxx, Steel Panther responded, “No way dude, you’re Nickelback!”

Foxx and company quickly came to their senses when they realized the opportunity that had just knocked on their backstage door. Foxx recounts, “You have to admit, he’s written a lot of songs, and a lot of people like them [Nickelback], so we wanted to collaborate with him to show him how to write heavy metal stuff.”

Foxx continued to explain the band’s intent, saying, “We were thinking, 'That’s a great way to bring heavy metal back, we do it with somebody who’s not heavy metal, we can totally show’em how to do it!'” So with a heavy metal mission in mind, Steel Panther headed up to Vancouver to hang out with Kroeger and record the song ‘It Won’t Suck Itself.’

Of course, it wasn’t all work. According to Foxx, “We played hockey at his bitchin’ hockey rink and bitchin' go-karts. It was fun recording.” Fun and bitchin', apparently.

Steel Panther continue their world takeover with tour dates through March including an appearance at Australia's Soundwave Festival.