After his latest exit from  last year,  says it isn't likely he will ever do another record with the band. Pearcy talked about that and many other topics with That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk on Trunk's podcast that you can listen to below.

In the interview (transcription via Blabbermouth), Pearcy says things have not gotten better between him and his former Ratt bandmates since he announced his departure. "It's actually gotten worse to some extent," says Pearcy. "And probably we'll never see another Ratt record because of it, and so be it. Like I said, you get rid of the bad to make your life good. And, as far as I'm concerned, that entails everything in my life."

The vocalist continues, "So, as far as a band, a band is a band. I mean, we were lucky to be around ten years, let alone, off and on, for thirty-plus. So, you know, it's probably a done deal. But so be it. If people wanna hear the band, they can hear Ratt music with me, singing my songs, but I doubt there'll ever be another Ratt record, no."

Pearcy says he remains on good terms with his former bandmate Juan Croucier, and that they have plans to work together. "Juan and I are actually gonna be doing something in the future together, and we'll take it from there," Pearcy says. "We'll be talking about something real soon. I can't really mention too much now. But we'll be working together, definitely."

As to why Ratt can keep going without him, Pearcy says, "Well, there's a lot of stuff I really don't want to, or need to, talk about, but the fact of the matter is all five of us, including [late Ratt guitarist] Robbin's [Crosby] estate, still own that name; it's just a matter of who controls. And somehow they figured out how -- probably fraudulently -- to control it. But we still own it, all of us."

He goes on to say, "We're grownups here, but some people are adolescent in how they address things. But if there was compromise and there was real legal effort [put] into making things work, we would still be a band, with the four guys. But right now, no. It'll probably never happen again."

Pearcy's latest solo album Smash will be released in 2015. He'll also be playing at the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill's 43rd anniversary party on April 12 in Hollywood, Calif.

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