Steve Albini isn’t just a legend behind the board, he’s a gangster at the poker table. The prolific Nirvana / Neurosis engineer just earned himself a World Series of Poker championship bracelet after beating over 310 other players in a Seven Card Stud tournament.

While wearing a Cocaine Piss shirt, Albini shellacked hundreds of other players in Las Vegas, including opponents with 15 former WSOP bracelet wins, to come out on top in his tournament. Albini’s buy-in for the tourney was $1,500 and he ended up going home with $105,629.

“I am ecstatic that a player as mediocre as me can outlast all of these better players and end up with a bracelet,” he said of the win. “There’s still hope for everybody! … “I also owe an enormous debt of gratitude to my wife, Heather. There was a lot of complicated stuff going on at home and she was gracious enough to say it would be okay if I came out here for this. I really appreciate her indulging me in my... hobby.”

Albini’s discography as an audio engineer is pretty iconic, having worked on records like Nirvana’s In Utero, Neurosis’ Times of Grace, High on Fire’s Blessed Black Wings and The PixiesSurfer Rosa. Albini also fronted the highly influential Illinois punk band Big Black in the 1980s.

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