Excited for the new Exodus record? Of course you are! The legendary thrash band's 10th album, 'Blood In, Blood Out' will be the first in 10 years to feature vocalist Steve 'Zetro' Souza, and the singer claims the upcoming album is "the best Exodus record by far."

Earlier this year, Exodus parted ways with Rob Dukes, who joined the band in 2005. The singer was bummed that he and Exodus had parted ways, but Dukes plans to release music with Generation Kill along with building hotrods and cars.

As for Souza, the singer spoke about his return to Exodus during an interview with Mitch Lafon. "Basically, I didn't know really much. I just got a call and was asked to sing a couple of songs," says Souza. "'Hey, we want you to sing a couple of new Exodus songs.' And I kind of didn't ask why, although a million thoughts were running through my head. Speculation… Maybe they want me to do a song. Maybe they want me to go on tour. Who knows what to think? So I actually went in and sang a song, and they were saying, 'Hey, we're considering having you rejoin the band again.' And I was, like, 'Wow!' And we kind of talked it through, and it kind of worked out that way. And here we are."

Souza goes on to hype up 'Blood In, Blood Out.' I'm gonna tell you right now, 'Blood In, Blood Out' is the best Exodus record by far. And I'm not saying that 'cause I just rejoined. Honestly, the musicianship of everyone in it, the writing, the lyrics, the lyrical content… everything all the way through. 11 killers, no fillers. I swear to God, and I mean it. I put out another record earlier this year with my other band, Hatriot, and I thought that was the greatest thrash record of the year, and I just have to say that that's probably the second greatest thrash record of the year. 'Blood In, Blood Out', by far, is amazing. It's awesome from top to bottom."

'Blood In, Blood Out' will see an Oct. 14 release date. Exodus will hit South America before embarking on a 2014 tour with Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies. Check out the full list of dates here.

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