Steven Wilson has focused on his solo career for the past ten years. But fans of the prolific musician continue to wonder about a possible Porcupine Tree reunion. Will Wilson's lauded prog-rock outfit ever regroup and record a new album? The rocker has suggested it could happen.

However, he recently added to that forecast that, should it indeed occur, a Porcupine Tree reunion would likely happen when listeners are least expecting it. That's the way Wilson put it in an interview last month with Profil Prog, as pointed out on Wednesday (Feb. 17) by BraveWords.

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"What I always say to people is, 'When you least expect me to do something, that's probably when I'll do it,'" Wilson explained when asked about the probability of the band's comeback. "I've always said Porcupine Tree, I can imagine we'll probably make another record one day. I don't know when. We'll probably do it at the moment everyone's least expecting it."

These days, of course, the musician is busy with work under his given name. Wilson just recently released his 6th solo album, the synth-driven The Future Bites, last month. But that doesn't mean he's totally abandoned Porcupine Tree's style of rock music performed with live instruments.

"I still love so-called progressive rock," Wilson shared, "but I'm not there right now, honestly. I'm more excited by other music right now. But one thing I know from my past is that I go through cycles with things. Pink Floyd will always be my favorite group — always have been, always will be. My relationship with other progressive rock waxes and wanes. I could easily be excited by something like that again."

He continued, "I can't have an allegiance to doing anything for very long because I get bored. And I think … the icons that I grew up admiring the most — people like [David] Bowie, [Frank] Zappa, Neil Young — were always changing. That's what they do. It's unusual in music to hop around genres. But the people that do, and the people that did, define their own musical world."

Whichever direction Wilson decides to go next, it's good to know that Porcupine Tree fans will likely have their patience pay off somewhere down the line. After all, the group hasn't performed together since 2010, shortly after the release of their last album, the previous year's The Incident.

And the act's decade-long absence seems all the more bittersweet when one remembers that, not long after The Incident's touring cycle and Wilson's sophomore solo album, Grace for Drowning, the bandleader predicted that Porcupine Tree would have new material ready to go for 2012.

Unfortunately for Porcupine Tree devotees, that never came to pass, although Wilson's issued four further solo efforts since that time. Now, a Porcupine Tree return is more like a waiting game. But, as Wilson indicated, the band's very plausible comeback will probably sneak up on you.

Steven Wilson Talks to Profil Prog - Jan. 22, 2021

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