A few days ago, Lamb of God guitarist Willie Adler informed the public that two of his guitars were stolen from Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, Ariz. A new report has come in from Phoenix New Times that one of Adler's stolen instruments, his "main beloved Warbird," ended up for sale online days after the theft took place on OfferUp.com.

The Phoenix police, who have actively been investigating the crime, confirmed that the guitar ended up on the website. "One did turn up on OfferUp," stated Phoenix Police Sergeant Vince Lewis. "We have yet to name a suspect or recover either guitar. Our investigators are actively working this case. The more we release, the harder it becomes to catch up with a suspect or locate these items before either go underground or into the wind."

Live Nation Entertainment, who owns the Phoenix venue, posted a message on the issue through marketing director Danielle Engel. "The venue is cooperating fully with local law enforcement. We cannot comment further as this is an ongoing investigation."

The OfferUp seller apparently went by the name of "Clash With," according to Jay Thrash, a long-time Lamb of God fan who acted as a potential buyer to try and recover the instrument. "I sent him full offer...Tryna see if i can meet up..beat his fuckin ass," Thrash said. He notified the police of the for-sale listing, and messaged Adler as well, who confirmed the guitar was definitely his.

Thrash was excited to be able to help Adler, who agreed to pay Thrash for the guitar if he was, in fact, able to purchase it from the mysterious seller. See a screenshot of his conversation with Adler from his Facebook below.

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

Unfortunately, Thrash lost contact with the seller, who stopped answering his messages and even changed their profile photo on the site. There is currently a $1,000 reward for the guitar. Sergeant Lewis urges anyone with any knowledge of the guitar's whereabouts to contact Silent Witness at 480-W-I-T-N-E-S-S.

Phoenix was the first show of Lamb of God's current tour with Slayer, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse. See the dates here.

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