Stone Sour have a lot on their plate at the moment, but the band's recent 'Road to the Golden Gods' tour led them right to the Black Carpet at where else but the Revolver Golden Gods. Frontman Corey Taylor and guitarist Josh Rand fielded questions from the press and they spoke to Loudwire specifically about the influence of guitar great Tony Iommi, representing the genre and Taylor's upcoming book and a potential 'House of Gold & Bones' movie.

One of the Golden Gods honorees is Tony Iommi, and Josh, as a guitar player, can you talk about what he's meant to you?

Josh Rand: As a guitar player, he's influenced every heavy metal act out there. So this award that he's getting he definitely deserves cause he's definitely the most influential guitarist in the genre of hard rock and heavy metal.

You're just coming off the Road to the Golden Gods tour. What did that mean to you to be selected for the run?

Corey Taylor: It feels good, man. Our genre has always been treated like the bastard stepchild, so for us, we wear our genre with pride, whether it's hard rock or heavy metal or whatever. So anything we can do to raise the awareness on that or get the fans to come together is just icing on the cake. These are the best fans in the world and this is the best music in the world and I'm proud to be part of the heritage.

And Corey, I know since we've last talked, the details about your new book have surfaced. Tell me a little bit about how it came together.

The book's called 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven' and it comes out July 16 and it's basically my experiences with ghosts and whatnot. It's me trying to figure out what these things are, not from the mythological standpoint or a religious standpoint, but a scientific standpoint. I've got some theories that I kind of explore in it and I did a lot of research the laws of dynamics and Maxwell's equations and whatnot, just because I wanted to speak righteously about it. It was pretty interesting what I found it. It really helped me with my theories.

And Josh, 'House of Gold & Bones' has been a major undertaking. So take me back to what it was like when Corey first approached you and said, 'I've got this idea…' What was your thought process?

Taylor: [Chuckles]

Rand: What I love about the idea, not only is the story great, but every person can relate to it at some point in their life. But I felt what he allowed the rest of us to bring in musically was honestly, completely no boundaries. I think just the standard was there for us to write something we would have never written before. In a way, it gave the rest of us this freedom a little bit. It's almost like the story itself was a safety net for us to be a bit more experimental band than we might not have ever done if we just went in and said, "Hey this is a collection of 12 songs." So I thought overall it really opened the band up. Once we got the meat and potatoes of the band going, that's why 'Part 2' gets a little more experimental and there's more layering is because we're more comfortable with the big picture.

Corey, I know you've got a lot on your plate with this, but I remember talk of movies for these records. Will you have the time for it?

Still working on that and I'm starting to put a plan together for it. Right now I'm trying to figure out if it's going to be two movies or one, because it can work both ways, but I just want to make sure it's exciting enough. So once I get that figured out, we'll start breaking some ground on it.