A video of a street musician jamming Iron Maiden's hit "Fear of the Dark" is blowing away metal fans on Twitter. Tweeted by @HeavyMetal_999 a few days ago (July 9), the video shows a guy sitting on his amp (we think) and doing double duty on the drums and guitar. As one commenter notes, he is STRUMMING and DRUMMING at the same time.

Somehow this guy has figured out how to play both the cymbals and snare on his kit while also strumming the guitar with his right hand. His left hand is doing the fret work. His feet are both working drums on the ground. And his vocals sound amazing to boot.

The general consensus from commenters on the thread is that this dude is playing in the streets of Santiago, the capital of Chile. Read on to see some of the floored Maiden fans and check out the video. A live version of the original by Iron Maiden is at the end for comparison.

Street Musician Playing Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark" Guitar and Drums Simultaneously



Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark" Live in Brazil

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