Aside from at a concert, have you ever gotten to listen to Slipknot while ordering food? There's a street vendor in Indonesia that blasts Slipknot while serving customers, and we think that would make for a great dining experience.

For full disclosure, we have no idea where exactly in Indonesia this vendor is located. Someone uploaded a video of the individual on Reddit with the title, "This street vendor in Indonesia," and we thought it was too cool not to share. The person is decked out in a Slipknot T-shirt and has the band's music blasting as they scoop the food into containers, and there's even a little headbanging involved. They appear to be a hardcore fan, and it's cool to see a heavy band represented that way.

"People = Shit" blasts at the beginning of the clip, and then "Disasterpiece" plays afterward, so it's safe to assume they just decided to play all of Iowa since those songs are in order on the album. It almost looks like he's trying to serve the food to the rhythm of the music at some points too.

"You can see him get ready for the moment 'Disasterpiece' kicks in," one fan commented on the thread.

"Fucking hell! I love this vendor! He's a true maggot!" another wrote.

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Check out the clip in the embedded Reddit post below.

Slipknot's next performance is slated for Nov. 3 at Mexico City's Heaven and Hell Fest. Their only scheduled show for 2024 as of now is a headlining set at the Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas, which will be held on April 27. However, we know that they're planning to embark on a big tour in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut [via Metal Hammer], so stay tuned for details on that.

This street vendor in Indonesia
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