Suicide Silence have just released a 30-minute documentary on the life of late vocalist Mitch Lucker. Posted on Christmas Day, the short film shines a light on one of deathcore's most beloved vocalists, featuring early footage of the musician along with interviews with his bandmates and family.

On Halloween night 2012, Lucker drove his motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol. After crashing his bike, the vocalist died from injuries sustained the next morning. It took Suicide Silence almost an entire year to regroup and find a new vocalist, All Shall Perish's Eddie Hermida. Along with Hermida, Suicide Silence began recording a new album, but Lucker has not in any way been forgotten.

Along with the message, "Rest in Power. Legends Never Die," Suicide Silence shared the full documentary on their YouTube channel. "Mitchell was born on Oct. 20, 1984," says Mitch's mother, Denise Haddad. "He came out literally screaming and it ended up being his legacy." Lucker's father, Kip, also tells the story of how Mitch became interested in music, explaining the singer's journey to find the right instrument for him.

Lucker's mother continues, "Mitchell was given that talent and that gift [of connecting with people through music] and even though he's not here today, those gifts are gonna continue to be shared because those young teens are going to tell their own children. That's how the legacy is gonna be able to be passed on."

The Mitch Lucker documentary above will be packaged with the forthcoming release, 'Suicide Silence - Ending Is the Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show,' which comes out on DVD on Feb. 18. It also features the star-studded memorial concert that took place in December 2012. Check out the setlist below.

Mitch Lucker Memorial Concert Setlist:

01. 'Destruction of a Statue' (with Jonny Davy)
02. 'Distorted Thought of Addiction' (with Greg Wilburn)
03. 'Ending Is the Beginning' (with Brook Reeves)
04. 'Bludgeoned To Death' (with Ricky Hoover)
05. 'Unanswered' (with Phil Bozeman)
06. 'Girl of Glass' (with Myke Terry)
07. 'Price of Beauty' (with Danny Worsnop)
08. 'No Pity For a Coward' (with Johnny Plague)
09. 'Disengage' (with Cameron "Big Chocolate" Argon)
10. 'No Time To Bleed' (with Burke VanRaalte)
11. 'Smoke' (with Anthony Notarmaso)
12. 'Wake Up' (with Tim Lambesis)
13. 'March To The Black Crown'
14. 'Slaves To Substance' (with Eddie Hermida)
15. 'OCD' (with Austin Carlile)
16. 'F--- Everything' (with Chad Gray)
17. 'Die Young' (with Robb Flynn)
18. 'Roots Bloody Roots' (with Max Cavalera)
19. 'Engine #9' (with Mitch Lucker [prerecorded])
20. 'You Only Live Once' (with Randy Blythe)

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