Suicide Silence just completely wasted their gear during a recent performance in Moscow, Russia. After finishing up their set, the band destroyed their drum kit and a guitar, at one point using both to play an impromptu game of baseball.

Maybe Suicide Silence are blowing off steam to calm down after the latest chapter of their feud with Thy Art is Murder? Or maybe the first-week sales of their new album left the band a little tense? Hell, maybe they’re just having fun while performing in a city which most bands never get to visit. Regardless of the reason, Suicide Silence left Nirvana levels of demolition on that Russian stage.

Drummer Alex Lopez began the cycle by wrecking his kit almost immediately after the set was over. His bass drum took the brunt of the band’s fury, taking some big cymbal stand hits and suffering from a full-on baseball swing from Chris Garza and his guitar. After a few more swings of the axe, Garza’s guitar looked more like a dilapidated stump. Nevertheless, the strummer made a Russian fan’s night by gifting them the haggard remains.

Even more gear-on-gear violence took place than what we described, so take a look for yourself in the video above. For the rest of Suicide Silence’s current European tour dates, click here.

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