The rift between deathcore giants Suicide Silence and Thy Art Is Murder seems to have grown. Along with bashing TAIM’s “Make Deathcore Great Again” hats, Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida has accused Thy Art Is Murder singer CJ McMahon of “selling out.”

Suicide Silence took a huge risk with their new self-titled album, shifting away from deathcore and implementing a Korn / Deftones hard rock sound with “over 70 percent clean singing.” Hermida criticized Thy Art Is Murder, accusing the band of resting on its laurels while claiming to “save deathcore.”

“Thy Art Is Murder absolutely saw an opportunity and ran with it and honestly, they did the silliest thing you could ever do in mimicking somebody like Trump and say that they are not selling out,” Hermida tells Live Metal in a new interview. “They are literally going, ‘Hey, we’re not sell-outs, but please buy this hat. You need to buy this hat.’ It’s completely backwards thinking.”

Hermida went on to throw a haymaker at McMahon by referring to his 2015 departure from Thy Art Is Murder. “‘You, know, nothing else is selling, so I quit the band to begin with. There’s no money in it, so let me write this long-ass f—kin’ expose (see that here) about how band members don’t make any money, then later come right back and basically say I’m not a sellout.’ And at the end of the day, that is a sell-out,” Hermida claims.

“A person who is looking for money and a person who talks about money and focuses on money when they’re making music is a complete sell-out. I would say that straight to his face and I would say that to any band member in this genre that isn’t challenging anybody. Anybody that’s going out there for the sake of making money and for the sake of being in a huge band for selling albums are out of their minds," he added.

Suicide Silence experienced somewhat disappointing first-week sales, moving 4,650 copies of the album — a 69 percent drop from 2014’s You Can’t Stop Me, which sold 15,000 units its first week.

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