During our recent chat with Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida, we spoke to him about replacing the late Mitch Lucker. Eddie shared with us the hardest part about replacing the beloved metalcore vocalist and the answer probably isn’t what you expect.

2017 has been a controversial year for Suicide Silence and the band’s self-titled album. According to Hermida, the album consists of over 70 percent clean singing, with songs like “Doris” and “Silence” coming under heavy fire by longtime fans. The band’s dramatic stylistic shift has caused fans to speculate what Lucker would think of today’s Suicide Silence, with the harshest critics claiming Lucker is “spinning in his grave.”

“The most challenging [thing] has been meeting fans that haven’t been able to let go and haven’t been able to move past Mitch’s passing,” Hermida told us. “For me, personally, it took me a while to get over it as well. It took the band a while to get over it as well. In fact, we all mourned together when we started playing music together.”

Hermida continues, “A lot of people would like to just hate me blatantly and I want to tell them that’s okay too, it’s okay to feel the way you’re gonna feel about it. I think that’s the hardest message to convey to people … I know that every step that I’m taking is done with good intention.”

Check out the full video with Eddie Hermida above! Suicide Silence is out now and available to purchase.

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