Deathcore titans Suicide Silence have shifted their focus on their new self-titled album, exploring new areas with clean vocals and a more diverse instrumental palette. New songs like "Doris" and "Silence" were met with harsh criticism from longtime fans and "Dying in a Red Room" deviates even further from the band's established sound than those two cuts did.

The song entertains a hypnotic riff that is stripped of Suicide Silence's typically ultra-downtuned guitars, lightly rumbling with a low buzz. Vocalist Eddie Hermida's ethereal, gloomy delivery pads the atmosphere, drawing comparisons to acts like the Deftones.

On the music video end of the song, a mysterious narrative plays out as a long-haired man accidentally runs over another man in the street. Stopping his car, a nefarious character with pantyhose over his head drives away with the vehicle as police offers apprehend another slightly veiled character. It is revealed that the debacle is over a briefcase which contains a caustic substance, leading these men to spit out a green slime, overcome with ailments. Others in hazmat suits and masks seek to recover this suitcase and the struggle between the sides ensues.

"That riff was spewed out and stuck," Hermida told Billboard who premiered the video. "We started jamming it and that song was done quick and natural. We wanted that song to be very fluid. It's meant to be a love song to the ghosts we carry around with us. To never be afraid to be yourself or listen to your heart. In a way, that is always what this band has wanted to represent: fearlessness."

“I do everything on this record, everything I’ve ever been able to do and more. Falsettos, I do very ballad-esque singing, there’s some straight guttural death metal growling on there. We have slams, bams and thank-you-maams. It’s a record that’ll take you through a lot of highs and lows," the singer told us in an exclusive interview.

Suicide Silence is out now on Nuclear Blast and orders can be placed at the label's webstore. The band will wrap up their current headlining tour on March 4 and a list of remaining stops can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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