On Tuesday (June 10), Republic Records invited select members of the media to a listening party at New York City's Quad Studios for the upcoming Godsmack album, '1000hp.' On hand to host the night was none other than the band's frontman himself, Sully Erna. Playing a handful of tracks from the forthcoming disc, Erna shared some of his thoughts on the writing process and what fans can expect from the album.

"There are different textures and colors on this record that Godsmack haven't worked with," Erna explained to the crowd. Part of those different textures and colors are rooted in punk influences, specifically with the first single and title track, '1000hp,' and the angry, profanity-laden tune, 'FML.' Following those first two songs, Erna wanted everyone to know that while some things might sound different, there is still a quintessential Godsmack feel to the album. He said he believed the song 'What's Next' fits into that description, before giving it a spin.

After playing the track 'Locked and Loaded,' Sully wouldn't go into too much detail, but if you've been reading the rock headlines the last couple years, you know who he's talking about when Erna said, "I won't say who that last song is about, but it's track number six!"

He then continued, "The next song is trippy and weird and puts you in another place for a minute. We used real analog tape on this song." Calling it the most "epic song of the record," Erna introduced 'Generation Day' as having an artsy, almost Zeppelin-esque sound to it. "I'm proud to say I used a real reel-to-reel on this thing," the rocker said excitedly.

To close out the night, Erna set introduced the song 'Something Different' as "full of melodies and great hooks," while championing the tune as a game-changer for Godsmack. When the track ended, no one in the studio could argue with Erna's statement. It will likely be the next single and quite possibly the most popular song on the entire album. With a chorus like, "Don't you ever feel you need to speak to me that way," there is a little something in the song that relates to anyone who has struggled with relationships and not being heard.

Erna only played a handful of the album's songs for the audience because he didn't want to ruin the listening experience of hearing the entire album when it drops in August. Walking out of the studio to cheers and applause, Erna exclaimed, "That's it! That's the f--king Grammy!"

Godsmack's title track from the ’1000hp’ album is currently available via iTunes.

Listen to Godsmack’s New Single ’1000hp’ Here: