Symphony X drummer Jason Rullo is recovering from recent treatment for heart failure. The metal stickman was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago and is on the mend after a week's worth of medical care.

According to doctors, Rullo's recovery time and rehab is expected to last between three and six months and he won't return to playing live until he's cleared. In the short period since his hospital stay, Rullo has received best wishes from his fellow band members, World Management and Nuclear Blast Records, as well as his immediate family and friends.

The drummer, who is a founding member of Symphony X, offered a statement on the matter that reads:

I would just like to say that I am happy to be home with my family after what was quite a week. We had a few scary days in there, but I made it through what was hopefully the worst of it.
Doctors say I have a very good chance for a full recovery, so I plan to be back at 100% even if it takes a while. I will go through cardiac rehab so I can be monitored while returning to form, so that I’ll know when it’s safe for me to return to drumming the way I always have, if not better.
Thanks to my friends and family for the support, and to the fans, I love you all!

Fans are encouraged to visit Symphony X's Facebook and Twitter social networking sites to share their well wishes. Loudwire would also like to send its best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jason Rullo.