System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has hit out against "cancel culture" after a customer left a bad review of the musician's Torpedo Comics, the comic book store he owns in Las Vegas.

The negative assessment decried Dolmayan's politics rather than offer an opinion of the store itself, with the reviewer urging comic buyers interested in "fighting racism and fascism" to patronize competing businesses. In the past, the System of a Down member has criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it a "propaganda tool."

The dismissive remarks about Torpedo Comics appeared to originate from the store's reviews page on Facebook. While the review seems to have since been removed, Dolmayan offered a screenshot of the critique on Instagram this week (Sept. 7). Here's what it said:

Torpedo Comics is owned by a fascist sympathizer who pedals in racist conspiracy theories. If you care about Black lives, women's choice, and actually fighting racism and fascism please do not buy from this store.

Naturally, the System of a Down drummer took issue with the review. In a lengthy reply, the musician explained his position while countering that the reviewer was actually the one engaging in fascism.

Dolmayan responded, "What 'Jeff' fails to understand is that the tactics he's employing including cancel culture and shaming based on a false moral high ground are simply fascist tactics being employed by someone who doesn't understand or care that I have over 20 employees of all genders, political affiliations, sexual orientations, races etc, and that they choose to work for me because they are free to be whoever they want."

The System of a Down member continued, "Of course I do myself no favors expressing my opinions on social media but it is my opinion that it's important to have differing views especially when you consider the band I'm in and how polarizing some of our messages were though they didn't necessarily represent the opinions of all of us all the time. … My company is called Torpedo Comics and we welcome all of you irrespective of your politics."

As fans of the drummer are likely aware, Dolmayan isn't one to hide his opinions. Over the last several months, Dolmayan has called President Trump "the greatest friend to minorities," said the movement to defund the police was "the stupidest thing," and he labeled liberals as cowards.

But that doesn't mean the percussionist's beliefs impede System of a Down. This summer, lead vocalist Serj Tankian came to the defense of Dolmayan. The singer said he still loves and respects his bandmate "irrespective of our extremely polarized political commentary and differences."

Below, see images of the negative Torpedo Comics review and Dolmayan's response.

Instagram: @johndolmayan_
Instagram: @johndolmayan_

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