Immolation, ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’ – Album Review
Immolation have been churning out their unique brand of New York death metal for 25 years now. Every album is an exercise in technical proficiency married with an absolutely hellacious atmosphere soaked in blast beats and Ross Dolan’s trademark guttural vocals. ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’ is the quartet…
Amon Amarth vs. Immolation – Death Match
Amon Amarth have crushed yet another opponent in our most recent Death Match, handily defeating Parkway Drive. If Amon Amarth win two more consecutive matches, 'Deceiver of the Gods' will be entered into our Hall of Fame and will earn a heavy rotation spot on Loudwire Metal Radio.
'Decibel' Rising
Crushing! Absolutely crushing! Decibel Magazine brought an incredibly evil tour headlined by Behemoth last year and a massive celebration for their 100th issue with Converge and Pig Destroyer this past weekend, but the publication has outdone itself once again with a 2013 tour featuring Cannibal Cor…