Since first emerging out of Jacksonville, Florida, as a somewhat indistinctive post-grunge proposition, Shinedown have dug deep into their Southern roots and hard rock influences to find their own style — to the tune of six million album sales ‘round the globe. Beginning with 2003’s ‘Leave a Whisper’ debut and continuing through ’05’s ‘Us and Them,’ Shinedown singer Brent Smith, guitarist Jasin Todd, bassist Brad Stewart and drummer Barry Kerch enjoyed a modicum of success as fans, if not critics, were gradually converted to the band’s cause. But it would take a major schism within the group’s ranks and the departure of both Todd and Stewart (whose roles would be filled by assorted session players), for Shinedown to undertake the creative risks required to stand out from their competition — namely via the breakthrough, number one single ‘Second Chance.’ Along with the group’s third album, 2008’s ‘The Sound of Madness,’ this took Shinedown’s career to another level, complete with the bigger sales, bigger tours, and bigger press coverage that naturally follows. Now completely comfortable with their modernized spin on traditional hard rock templates, and rounded out by guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric Bass, the quartet enjoyed continued success with 2012’s Gold-certified fourth album, ’Amaryllis.’

  • Selected Discography: ‘Us and Them’ (2005), ‘The Sound of Madness’ (2008), ‘Amaryllis’ (2012)
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