Michigan rock band Taproot is about to release their latest album, 'The Episodes,' on April 10. The band has already cranked out one tune before the album's official release with 'No Surrender,' and now they've gifted their fans once again with the release of the track 'Around the Bend.'

We recently spoke with Taproot guitarist Mike DeWolf about the concept of the band's new album. "It's a life journey kind of concept about growing up and making choices and the effects of the choices you make in your life -- one way or the other," DeWolf told us. "It's got three main characters and it's something that hopefully each person can take something different away from -- something that can be special to each person individually.

Fans of the first 'Episodes' single, 'No Surrender,' will surely be pleased with Taproot's second offering as they once again deliver yet another track showcasing their signature sound. The strongest part of 'Around the Bend' is not only the atmosphere created, but the vocal delivery from frontman Steven Richards.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Taproot's 'Around the Bend' and listen to the track in the audio player below.

Taproot, 'Around the Bend'

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