Mongolian folk metal outfit Tengger Cavalry have been generating buzz over the last few years and they're getting ready to release their new EP, Mountain Side. Before the disc arrives in stores tomorrow (April 1), the band has teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive stream.

The disc is a mix of studio recordings, acoustic cuts, remixes and there's even some live music. The title track appears in four versions -- original, acoustic, club remix and instrumental -- serving as the cornerstone for the disc. Other cuts of note include "War Horse," "Krutaya Gora" and "Tengger Cavalry," the latter of which is a live version. There are also a pair of bonus jams on the EP.

The band is led by internationally recognized folk musician Nature Ganganbaigal, who was instrumental in melding the elements of heavy metal with Central Asia music tradition. You'll hear a some killer licks and double kick drum residing right alongside a horse-head fiddle, the Mongolian flute, a Tibetan horn and Mongolian guitar, all led by some deep throated vocals.

Check out the EP stream below and if you like what you hear, be sure to pick up Tengger Cavalry's Mountain Side EP right here. If you do, you'll receive the re-recorded song "War Horse" as an instant grat track.

Tengger Cavalry, Mountain Side EP

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