When it comes to guitar duos in metal, it's hard to beat the pairing of Testament's Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson. The two musicians have found their comfort zone working with one another over the years, teaming up to deliver some killer licks onstage and on record. The Music Experience's Squiggy recently had a chance to chat with the pair for our ongoing series, Gear Factor, where he got the lowdown on some of the riffs that helped shaped their guitar playing.

When asked which guitar parts first got him into playing before he picked up a guitar, Skolnick riffed a little bit of The Beatles' "Day Tripper," which Peterson humorously misidentified. "It really started with Beatles songs," says Skolnick. "Just real basic things to learn chords." Meanwhile, Peterson dug out inspiring riffs from Sweet, UFO and Def Leppard.

Like many musicians of a certain age, both were in agreement that it was KISS that turned them onto heavier music and provided the gateway to metal.

The highlight of this Gear Factor episode though is watching the two musicians reflect on the riffs they are most proud of creating. Peterson muses, "I like the ones where we've joined together," naming off some familiar favorites for Testament fans. But when they settle upon "Burnt Offerings," the pair offered some insight on how the riffs and their combined playing came together. Check out Testament's Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson in the Gear Factor episode above.

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