Whenever a metal band gets some attention from the mainstream media without having to go on a drunken or drug-fueled rampage, we as fans definitely count it as a win for our beloved subculture. However, it's even greater when a hilarious dichotomy is created between vanilla news anchors and metal musicians, which is what happened earlier this week (Feb. 21) when Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson of Testament stopped by a Fox news program in Michigan.

Skolnick and Peterson are 2/5 of the current all-star Testament lineup, who are currently headlining the 'Dark Roots of Thrash' tour. Shortly after filming a concert DVD in Long Island, N.Y., the duel shredders stopped by Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, Mich. to talk thrash with one of the most hilariously nerdy news anchors on the planet.

The guitarists remained incredibly light-hearted during the interview, even when challenged with pressing questions such as, "What's this thrash metal?" and "25 years you've been doing this. (Actually it's 30, but who's counting?) How do you maintain your music and not, you know, fall, you know, I guess, everything else, making you guys change the way you do your music? How do you keep it the same?" to which Skolnick replied, "It's not the same," while Peterson offered a more detailed answer about not allowing yourself to become too commercial.

Skolnick offered some interesting insight on their live shows, noting that Testament are still bringing in young fans while keeping the old school thrashers as well. He explained, "Maybe the first time around with the band, it might have not been a show you would bring your family [to]. Now, you've got families coming. You've got kids who weren't even born yet when our first album came out showing up with their parents who were fans back in the late '80s or early '90s." Skolnick and Peterson even invited the Fox host to stage dive at tonight's show, although the anchor politely declined.

Check out Testament's Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson's appearance on the Fox 17 below!

Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson Talk Thrash on Fox 17

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