Testament six-stringer Alex Skolnick is one of the world's most revered guitarists. Of course we know him best for his work on albums like The LegacyThe New Order and so many more, but he's also an equally renowned jazz guitarist and a never-ending student of the guitar. So, how much longer will we be able to watch this living legend shred in Testament?

Skolnick reflected on his second tenure with the Bay Area legends in an interview with Metal Shock Finland, commenting that he's been in the band longer than he expected. "When I came back to the band in 2005, honestly, at that time I didn't even know we were even gonna do a record, but we did The Formation Of Damnation record and the next thing I know, we're touring with Motorhead and Heaven and Hell and Judas Priest. That was an amazing tour — the 'Metal Masters' tour."

Citing a tour with Slayer and Megadeth, the axeman added, "Basically, that reunion kind of relaunched the band. And I've been here now longer than I was the first time around. And, you know, it's going really well."

He then began to question his future not only in Testament, but playing metal altogether as he gets older. "Here's where it gets to be a slippery slope: I'm not sure I want to be an aging metal guy," said Skolnick. "I'm still in a decade which is… I'm not in my 50s — I'm in my 40s — which is longer than I thought I'd be playing this music, because it's such 'youth' music. So you can't say never, but I just feel like I don't wanna be one of these guys that are going forever in between taking Geritol. But, you know, who knows? Right now it's working."

Testament will embark on a North American tour with  Sepultura and Prong starting April 6 as they continue to support 2016's Brotherhood of the Snake. For a list of all upcoming tour dates, check our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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