Thrash legends Testament have just unveiled a new music video for 'Native Blood' from their upcoming album 'Dark Roots of Earth.' Based heavily on the struggle of Native Americans in modern America, the 'Native Blood' video advocates celebrating pride for Native American ancestry, while encouraging them to make their voices heard when facing oppression.

The video begins with the quote, "Somewhere a good man must rise from the young ones among us," from the historic Native American Crazy Horse. Testament are shown performing 'Native Blood' around a roaring fire while Native Americans dance around it in traditional garb.

The video depicts the struggles that one Native American child has faced his entire life due to the racism which surrounds him. From being bullied and taunted at school, to parents refusing that their daughter date someone from a Native American background, the audience witnesses the powerful struggle. As an adult, the protagonist begins to fight back through the court system with his fellow natives to protect their land.

The track itself is classic Testament, with guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson shredding their way through the song, as vocalist Chuck Billy, whose bloodline traces back to the Pomo Native American tribe of Northern California, powers his way through the track with aggressive passion.

Check out Testament's new video for 'Native Blood' below. To pre-order Testament's 'Dark Roots of Earth,' which will be released tomorrow (July 31), click here.

Watch Testament's Video for 'Native Blood'

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