Testament has seen their highs and lows over their career, and they're thankful that the current lineup is doing well again. Guitarist and primary songwriter Eric Peterson spoke about the band's current status and how their new record, 'Dark Roots of Earth,' figures into their future.

Speaking with Sweden's Radio Fireball (via Blabbermouth), Peterson explained, "There's definitely some politics in the band now. I think if the record does good - which I think it will - it'll see Testament be doing another record. There's some people in the band that are, you know, I think aren't a hundred percent there unless, you know, it keeps going good. That's pretty extreme, but, like for me, I'm down for whatever. I started this band. I'm totally into it."

The guitarist added, "I think, you know, if Testament sees darker days, I don't know if this lineup would stick."

If his bandmates are any indication, it looks like Testament will be sticking around. Singer Chuck Billy recently stated that he's happy with how the record sounds and thrilled that he's been getting a second opportunity to perform with the band. He added, "Maybe my illness [cancer] made it happen, but here we are now and we're not really thinking about it, we're just doing what we love to do and we all feel kind of blessed to be able to finish something we started together."

Testament recently issued their 'Dark Roots of Earth' album, and just debuted their 'Native Blood' video.