For many kids, tab books are a great way to get started, and in this edition of Loudwire's Gear Factor, Tetrarch's Josh Fore and Diamond Rowe reveal the importance of tab books in their early development as musicians.

"One of my first memories of guitar was this old beaten up tablature book that my dad had for ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses. I just remember practicing that thing all day long and I finally got it," recalls Fore. "I was super excited and showed my parents. It couldn’t have sounded very good but I was just so proud of myself for getting it.”

Rowe went a heavier route wanted to learn one of her favorite bands. "Metallica was my all-time favorite band, so I bought the Master of Puppets tab book and I think that was the first album that I learned front to back with leads and rhythms and everything like that and the first album where I felt accomplished when I learned all the riffs from it," she reveals.

Both musicians share additional influences with Fore breaking off a bit of Green Day while Rowe shares her admirations for the riffs of Lamb of God and then they both reflect on the impact that seeing Trivium in their early days had on their collective love of metal.

Rowe says she was turned onto the band from their performance at 2005's Ozzfest, revisiting the DVD continually. “Something about that band really captivated me at the time," she states, adding, "It was one of the first bands we kind of related to in some sense in that metalcore heyday and I remember showing that to Josh.”

He recalls, "It was actually the very first song that I liked with screaming in it. I had held off for so long. I was just like I don’t understand screaming, why can’t people just sing? This is just noise. But when she showed me that DVD and I heard that song I was hooked and haven’t turned back since.” Watch as the pair revisit Trivium's “Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation.”

And finally, serving up one of their own favorite riffs, the band chose "Pull the Trigger," a frequent concert opener from their Freak album. "It’s just high energy and fast and just a fun song to play. It’s got cool leads and solos and everything,” says Fore.

Tetrarch just released their latest album, Unstable. Dig into this nu-metal gem by picking up the album right here and be sure to watch our full Gear Factor episode with Tetrarch below.

Tetrarch's Josh Fore + Diamond Rowe Play Their Favorite Riffs

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