Who's ready to party? Regardless of your answer, there is absolutely no question that Texas Hippie Coalition are ready to party their asses off with their latest album, 'Peacemaker.'

Eleven tracks of non-stop gritty, groovy and down right dirty party rock make up THC's latest endeavor. From the opening 'Get Your Hands Up' to the closer 'Think of Me,' this record is the band's grand opus to party rock.

Sounding like the bastard that spawned from a threesome between Monster Magnet, Willie Nelson and Pantera, THC has already carved out a spot for themselves in the world of metal with their brand of red dirt rock.

What 'Peacemaker' does, though, is takes that brand and elevates it to a more significant level. The band sounds tighter than ever, the guitar riffs are incredibly crushing to say the least and the lyrics are exactly what you've come to love and adore about this band.

The track that sums up the album has to be 'Damn You To Hell.' From the opening guitar riff to the unforgettable chorus, this song takes no prisoners. With lyrics like "I have a big ol' truck / And I can't get stuck / You think I suck / And I don't give a f---" and "I'm a lunatic and I'm about to be sick / I'm a maniac and I'm about to attack" makes this tune shine. Consider this the anthem for THC.

Another killer track on 'Peacemaker is the first single 'Turn It Up.' Lead singer Big Dad Ritch takes fans on a trip down strip club lane with lyrics like, "Little Sarah was from Texas / She was the preacher's daughter / She never practiced much of what her father taught her." If you like the lyrics, you'll love the music video - trust us.

So is 'Peacemaker' the album that is going to blow up the genre? No. THC have their own way of doing things, and that's what sets them apart from others in the metal scene. You can hear the red dirt and Southern influence in their music, creating a memorable experience for anyone who hears 'Peacemaker.'

This isn't merely a party album (although we must admit, it is the perfect record to play beginning to end the next time you throw a little barbecue). Blast after blast of their signature rock 'n' roll, THC sets the stage with 'Peacemaker' for what just might be one helluva breakout year for the band.

In 'Damn You To Hell,' Big Dad Ritch says, "If you want something, come on / Yeah, if this is what you want, let's get it on." We wanted something and THC gave us 'Peacemaker.' That's good enough for us.

3.5 Stars

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