Texas Hippie Coalition are emerging as one of this year's breakout acts, and are set to take things to the next level once their 'Peacemaker' album arrives on Aug. 14. We at Loudwire are proud to team up with the "red dirt metal" rockers to offer fans a chance at winning a new prize pack based around their upcoming disc.

The package includes one copy of the 'Peacemaker' album, one copy of their 2010 album 'Rollin,' a Texas Hippie Coalition (THC) t-shirt, a few THC stickers, and something we wouldn't mind getting our hands on ourselves -- one jar of Big Dad Ritch's barbecue sauce. You know that's gotta be good.

Texas Hippie Coalition recently debuted the hard-hitting title track from 'Peacemaker' on Loudwire, and singer Big Dad Ritch stated, "I really like [the actor] Timothy Olyphant from ‘Deadwood’ and a TV series called ‘Justified.’ He’s always a badass with a gun, quick on the draw. I’m always writing songs from my perspective and where I’m coming from. I just thought that for once, why don’t I step outside of Big Dad Ritch and just pretend that I’m a gun. And that’s how that song is actually written, from the point of view of the gun. Peacemaker – that’s what a gun is to me. I’m not using that gun to rob somebody, to take what they got, I’m gonna be using that gun to protect what’s mine.”

The band is also hitting strong with their new single, 'Turn It Up,' and recently debuted a video for the track. You can currently hear both 'Peacemaker' and 'Turn It Up' on Texas Hippie Coalition's tour, as the band have dates lined up through Aug. 25. After a little break in the action, they'll return to the road in September with a handful of shows playing alongside Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Be sure to get your hands on our Texas Hippie Coalition prize pack by entering your information in the form below, and look for 'Peacemaker,' in stores Aug. 14. You can also pre-order the album at the Carved Records online shop or iTunes.

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