New Jersey chaos band the Dillinger Escape Plan have pulled the top off a video for 'When I Lost My Bet.' As expected from Dillinger, the band didn't just shoot a simple video of them jamming in an abandoned warehouse. This clip is as deranged visually as it is sonically, creating a quintessential Dillinger Escape Plan experience.

The Dillinger Escape Plan's fifth full-length album, 'One of Us is the Killer,' is set to drop on May 14, right in the middle of the act's current tour with the Faceless and Royal Thunder. The massively anticipated album will hit fans like a corkscrew stab to the gut, with twisted and violent turns penetrating deep. Dillinger recently released an in-depth teaser for 'One of Us is the Killer,' so if you haven't heard it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Dillinger's video for 'When I Lost My Bet' plays like a deranged horror-art piece, depicting bloody umbilical chord connections between one being's stomach and another's mouth, 'Hellraiser'-style animation and crimson mouths screaming through walls, only to be silenced by various hanging pictures. 'When I Lost My Bet' almost has a grindcore edge to it, accompanying Dillinger's unparalleled sense of spastic hardcore.

"I can hear [the influence of old punk and hardcore records] a lot," singer Greg Puciato tells Noisecreep about 'One of Us is the Killer.' "I can definitely hear that in some of the riffs, which are really aggressive. It's not a blatant hardcore record or anything like that. I actually think this is the most all over the place and weirdest record we've ever written. It's the first one since I joined the band where Ben [Weinman, guitar] has sent me songs and I've been like, 'What the f--- is happening? This sounds like a beehive!'"

Check out our coverage of the Dillinger Escape Plan at the 2013 New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, and of course, watch the group's new video for 'When I Lost My Bet' in the player below.

The Dillinger Escape Plan, 'When I Lost My Bet'