The Hu have seen a meteoric rise over the last few years, with the band providing a fresh take in the rock scene with their brand of Mongolian folk-metal. Their impact has not gone unnoticed, especially in their homeland where the Bank of Mongolia has announced plans to feature them on a new commemorative coin.

The freshly minted coin is expected to be available for release in February by the Bank of Mongolia. Have a look at the design of the coin in the illustration below:

Better Noise Music
Better Noise Music

Recently speaking with Metal Hammer, multi-instrumentalist Jaya stated, “It’s not easy to be the ice-breaker. Following in someone’s footsteps is easier most of the time. We work hard and we are proud to be the one to pave the way for other bands who will come after us. The satisfying thing is that other young people are coming up after us in Mongolia. We’re inspiring these people. If you work hard, anything is possible. If you really love it and picture it, and work for it, things will happen. This is the most satisfying thing for us.”

The Hu finished 2020 on a high note with a cover of Metallica's "Sad But True," but using their own Mongolian instrumental interpretation.

"Metallica has been a huge influence and inspiration for us as music fans and musicians," the band offered in a statement. "We admire their 40 years of relentless touring and the timeless, unique music they have created. It is a great honour to show them our respect and gratitude by recording a version of ‘Sad But True’ in our language and in the style of The Hu." You can pick up the cover song via the platform of your choosing here.

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