Certainly many of you are familiar with the Rob Zombie track 'Living Dead Girl,' but before the 1998 release of the song on 'Hellbilly Deluxe,' there existed a 1982 French horror film. The movie details a toxic waste spillage that inadvertently brings the dead back to life. Not only does the 1982 Jean Rollins film have blood and killing, but it shows a lot of skins, too! Although the 'Living Dead Girl' antagonist had been dead for two years before being zombified, we're all in luck because she hasn't begun to decompose one bit!

'Living Dead Girl' was the second single released from Rob Zombie's debut solo album, following the fun monster anthem 'Dragula.' The musician's incredibly hot wife Sheri Moon Zombie graces the cover of the 'Living Dead Girl' single art in an almost nonexistent bikini, which we thank Mr. Zombie very much for, and in the official music video for the song based on the classic German expressionist horror film 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.' The song itself is pretty awesome too, and has become one of the signature tracks of Rob Zombie's solo career.

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