The Orion Music + More Festival was obviously packed with a weekend of talented musical acts, but the “More” part of the event was also pretty amazing.

Car lovers were all over Beatniks Koolsville which features unique cars and motorcycles. There were also graffiti all over Atlantic City's Bader Field that was inspired by Metallica, including the above caricatures of the band members, visual representations of songs and more

The line for Kirk’s Crypt remained never ending and probably for good reason. The eerie outside was enough to spark your interest to see what inside the tent had to offer.

Not only were there many Orion items to shop for, including an abundance of Metallica t-shirts, but there were also a lot of other cool vendors on sight.

Some vendors offered fans funky clothes with unique designs while disc junkies flocked to Discs to Go which had boxes and boxes of music DVDs and more. Guitarists looking to brighten things up were intrigued by the neon chords of Dr. Handmade Strings.

Another cool part of the event was the Vans Off the Wall ramp where skateboarders caught some serious air.

There were a lot of great things happening at the Orion Music + More Festival and if none of them tickled your fancy, then there was always the four stages of live acts.

Check Out Photos of the Sights and Scenes at Orion Music + More Festival 2012