Since the release of the Used's first single 'I Come Alive' from the band's fifth full-length album, 'Vulnerable,' fans have been champing at the bit for an accompanying music video. Three months later, we finally have a new video from the Used.

The video for 'I Come Alive' showcases a child being bullied and brutalized by both menacing kids and an alcoholic father. At first, although the visuals and storytelling is solid, the connection between the song and video seems slightly fractured at first, but believe us -- that changes very quickly.

Having been attacked one too many times, the video's young protagonist transforms into a warrior -- wielding a metal baseball bat and dawning warpaint created from his own blood spilt at the hands of his enemies. What unravels next is an incredibly violent, vengeful, intense and most of all engaging second half to 'I Come Alive.'

Another interesting change in the video is the color dynamic. Representing the peril of the bullied youth, the video is shot in black and grey -- that is until the transformation of the main character from hunted to hunter. After the schizophrenic switch, the visual element of 'I Come Alive' becomes a menagerie of bright, yet menacing color, which very well may have been inspired by the classic horror film 'Evil Dead 2.'

As for the ending -- we can't just give that away now can we? Check out the Used's new video for 'I Come Alive' and immerse yourself in the ever-declining art form of the music video.

The Used's fifth album, 'Vulnerable,' was released March 27 and is now available for your listening pleasure.

Watch the Used's 'I Come Alive' Music Video