The Used were recently turned away at the Canadian border, unable to honor their tour dates and now they're speaking about what kept them from crossing.

Singer Bert McCracken told Rolling Stone it was due to his past criminal record. "They won't let me in," explained the singer. "They said not for ten years. It's weird. They're like, 'You need to rehabilitate these crimes before you come back to Canada.' I'm like, 'What does that mean?'"

The vocalist says his transgressions date back to a pair of incidents in 2001 and 2003. He explains, "When I say criminal record, I'm talking teensy, eensy misdemeanors they still have on my record … trespassing." Bassist Jeph Howard says it's not just McCracken the border patrol has an eye out for. He adds, "We've been denied many times. Half our crew couldn't get in either.

The band members say they are fans of Canada on hope to tour there again, but do have trouble every time they attempt to enter the country. Howard says they do have a solution for their Canadian fans. While they may not be able to come to the fans, the fans might not have to travel far to come to them, as the bassist states they want to do a "Border Tour." McCracken says cities like Detroit, Buffalo, Fargo, Seattle, and Billings are stops they want to make with hopes that their fans will cross over into America to see them play.

If that doesn't work, Howard jokes that everyone from the band that can cross the border into Canada may play shows with a McCracken hologram.