The Word Alive return with their sophomore album 'Life Cycles' on Tuesday, July 3, and Loudwire is providing you with this exclusive advance listen of the track 'Bar Fight.'

The song is a hard-hitting piece with singer Tyler "Telle" Smith delivering a gutteral and brutal delivery against a wall of guitars from Tony Pizzuti and Zack Hansen and rapid fire drum beat. But as brutal as Smith's vocals are, the band also shows some range when the melodic chorus kicks in. Smith says of 'Bar Fight,' "I was into the first bits of the song I heard, and we went with it full-force. I love how this song turned out. It's really intense right away."

The singer chose to write a character sketch about two friends. He adds, "One of the friends is that person in life, who is extremely superficial and would do anything to move up the social ladder. The other friend is the genuine one, who happens to be going through a lot. I've heard so many stories of people who reached out for help, and their friends turned their backs on them. It really sucks that someone would choose superficial groups of people over those who truly care about them. This song is basically a warning to those who have strayed from their roots. You never know who is at the end of their rope. This song is a reminder that you will live with regret for the rest of your life if you lose someone you could have helped save."

While the track is a look at the relationship of two fictional people, in real life the Word Alive has undergone their own changing relationship dynamics over the past year. The band and keyboardist Dusty Riach and drummer Justin Salinas went their separate ways earlier this year. Friend Matt Horn stepped in to play drums on their 'Life Cycles' album, but they've since added Luke Holland as their new drummer.

The current lineup joins Suicide Silence, Dance Gavin Dance and many more on the road Aug. 3 in Phoenix as part of the "All Stars" tour, with dates booked through the Aug. 27 finale in Pharr, Texas. In the meantime, the album 'Life Cycles' can be ordered at iTunes.

Listen to Loudwire's Premiere of the Word Alive's 'Bar Fight'