The Word Alive are getting "the word" out. While the band has been supporting their Dark Matter album, they've keeping listeners engaged by releasing a brand new song called "Misery."

The high energy track has a distinctive backing synth line and is both heavy and haunting within the course of its run. Singer Telle Smith called the song an "extension" of Dark Matter, revealing that it will help in keeping the momentum going straight into their next studio album.

"We wanted to bridge the gap between our newest album Dark Matter and the writing process of what will become our fifth studio album," Smith explains. "It's incredible to know the exact direction we will be exploring with our next record before writing even one song. After Warped Tour, it was clear that we had something special with our newer material, especially songs like 'Trapped,' 'Made This Way,' and 'Dreamer.' We wanted to morph those songs into something that would be an extension of those three songs in particular. Heavy, ambient, ominous at times, and much more personal than our previous material." The song will be available on digital platforms tonight, while you can currently watch the John Howe-created video for the track in the player above.

The Word Alive are currently on tour in Europe, serving as direct support to Asking Alexandria. They currently have dates booked through April 25. See where they're playing here.

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