The West Coast rockers of Thrice and the East Coast band Thursday are simultaneously taking a step back and have made the decision to take a break from making music.

Thrice declared a pause for the band on their official site stating, “Thrice is not breaking up. If nothing has broken us up by now, I doubt anything ever could. However, we will be taking a break from being a full-time band, and the upcoming tour in the Spring will be the last one for the foreseeable future.”

Thursday’s official statement started out by addressing the coincidence of both bands plan on stepping away from the limelight. “Yesterday Thrice, today Thursday. Crazy coincidence for two bands that have led such parallel and intersecting lives. We would’ve spaced our announcement out and given the dust a chance to settle but we are about to play a bunch of shows and we didn’t want anyone to miss the chance to see us one more time.”

The band’s declaration continues, “Despite the fantastic year that the band has enjoyed, creatively, things haven’t been as easy for us on a personal level. Without diving into detail, it’s fair to say that this year has been an endless series of personal difficulties. We haven’t had any falling out and are all still close. I’m sure that we will continue to create, in some capacity, together ... So, we stop. For now, at least.”

It seems that neither band has plans to break up for good, but instead they are each going on an "indefinite hiatus." For now, both bands have some final tour dates on their scehdules. For Thrice dates, click here, and for Thursday's itinerary, go here.