Throw the Fight are set to release their new album via Bullet Tooth on Friday (April 8). But before the disc drops, they've teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the new video for their song "Don't Let Me Down."

As you can see, the band lets the music do the talking, sticking to a performance piece. The performance shots are rotated between a dimly lit darkened stage or the sharp contrast of a light white backdrop. But there's no denying the pulsing guitars, killer drumming and powerful vocals.

Guitarist Ryan Baustert tells us, "No.Style Productions did a killer job with the video. 'Don’t Let Me Down' is the first track on the record and they did a great job visually representing the first impression people will have. We kept the concept simple and didn’t really want to overthink it too much. Just the band and our friends having a good time."

As for their album, Baustert added, "We wanted to return when we had that fire going again. We demoed over 25 songs for this record in four months. It ended up being the largest body of material we’ve ever had to work with for an album. This is by far the heaviest, most exciting group of Throw the Fight songs we’ve done. This is it. This is the best of the best."

If you like what you hear, Throw the Fight's Transmissions is available via Amazon and iTunes and you can catch them on the road, playing a mix of headlining shows and opening dates for Trapt at these locations.