Comedy great Tim Minchin is a master of analyzing music. Along with his own comedic songs, Minchin created the original scores for Matilda the Musical and Groundhog Day, and will release his debut studio album, Apart Together, on Nov. 20. To celebrate the new album, we challenged Minchin and his analytical skills, daring the comedian to react to some of metal’s silliest videos.

“There’s nothing I like more than pieces of American culture,” Minchin said as he watched a high school football team’s cringeworthy nu-metal video. “I mean, what harm have they ever done?”

Noticing a certain familiarity to the high school football players, Minchin pondered, “Where are they from? Do you think there are no black kids playing football at that school? Or do you think the black kids just went, ‘Yeah, nah. I don’t think I’m gonna be in that video. I don’t want to completely ruin my chance of ever getting laid or a job ever.’”

Minchin ended up loving a country-metal hybrid from Penguin on Fire. Entitled “Tractor,” Minchin basked in the glory of three brutal farmhands thrashing in the great outdoors. “It’s a country love song, and then a death metal celebration of what is a pretty mediocre piece of machinery. I think that’s what I love — it celebrates not just the expensive tractors. It celebrates basic tractors.”

Comedy Legend Tim Minchin Reacts to Metal's Silliest Videos

Watch Tim Minchin react to silly metal videos above. To pre-order a copy of Minchin’s Apart Together album, click here. (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases) You can also check out his single “Airport Piano” below. Minchin will release another new song, "The Absence of You," on Oct. 30.

Airport Piano by Tim Minchin (Official Video)

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