As a member of Blink-182, Tom DeLonge helped create the song "Aliens Exist." So it should come as no surprise, especially after his work in UFO research in recent years, that DeLonge is interested in a closer look at things in outer space. As such, he's launched a new crowdfunding campaign in which he announced his new organization's intent to "build this ElectroMagnetic Vehicle to travel instantaneously through space, air and water by engineering the fabric of Space-Time."

DeLonge has formed the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, and their newly launched crowdfunding page has already eclipsed $380,000 in donations as they attempt to build their spaceship for additional research and exploration.

“Hello, my name is Tom DeLonge from the Blink-182. I have brought together an elite team from CIA, DOD and the FMR Director of Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin’s SkunkWorks,” DeLonge wrote. “We are aiming to build this ElectroMagnetic Vehicle to Travel instantaneously through Space, Air and Water by engineering the fabric of Space-Time.”

He added in a separate statement, "The public interest in the outer edges of science and the understanding of phenomena has always been suffocated by mainstream ideology and bureaucratic constraint. We believe there are discoveries within our reach that will revolutionize the human experience, but they can only be accomplished through the unrestricted support of breakthrough research and innovation."

He continued, "To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science has mobilized a team of the most experienced, connected and passionately curious minds from the US intelligence community, including the CIA and Department of Defense that have been operating under the shadows of top-secrecy for decades. The team members all share a common thread of frustration and determination to disrupt the status quo, wanting to use their expertise and credibility to bring transformative science and engineering out of the shadows and collaborate with global citizens to apply that knowledge in a way that benefits humanity."

Spelling out their goals and beliefs, the page cites, "We believe there is sufficient credible evidence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that proves exotic technologies exist that could revolutionize the human experience. We will create three synergistic divisions of Science (research), Aerospace (application) and Entertainment (storytelling). We will build an accelerated path to transformative discoveries and technology applications and inspire global citizens through informative entertainment."

DeLonge's fascination with space and alien life has seeped its way into not only his Blink and Angels & Airwaves music, but other mediums as well. DeLonge has delved into both fictional and more intensive researched-based books with the releases of Sekret Machines and his Poet Anderson young adult franchise, and there are plans for an upcoming documentary.

To learn more about the To the Stars Academy and their crowdfunding efforts, click here.

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