Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy claims to have discovered a material completely alien to planet earth. According to the organization, the mystery material comes from an advanced aerospace vehicle of unknown origin.

The former Blink-182 guitarist and current Angels & Airwaves frontman has dedicated most of this decade to his UFO research company, despite reportedly being $37 million in debt. To The Stars did release a viral video in 2017, apparently depicting a UFO captured by a pilot’s tracking system.

Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson wasn’t impressed, quipping, "Call me when you have a dinner invite from an alien.”

DeLonge’s academy hasn’t given up the fight, however, now sharing another curious piece of information with the public:

“The structure and composition of these materials are not from any known existing military or commercial application,” says Steve Justice, current COO of To The Stars Academy and former head of Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin's "Skunk Works." “They've been collected from sources with varying levels of chain-of-custody documentation, so we are focusing on verifiable facts and working to develop independent scientific proof of the materials' properties and attributes. In some cases, the manufacturing technology required to fabricate the material is only now becoming available, but the material has been in documented possession since the mid-1990's. We currently have multiple material samples being analyzed by contracted laboratories and have plans to extend the scope of this study.” TTSA will also seek to engage the potential partners who have expressed interest in helping accelerate ADAM research and development.

“If the claims associated with these assets can be validated and substantiated, then we can initiate work to transition them from being a technology to commercial and military capabilities,” adds Justice. “As noted in our October 2017 TTSA kickoff webcast, technologies that would allow us to engineer the spacetime metric would bring capabilities that would fundamentally alter civilization, with revolutionary changes to transportation, communication, and computation.”

Angels & Airwaves recently debuted their first new song since 2016, “Rebel Girl.” AVA will also embark on their first tour since 2012 beginning this September. Click here for the full list of dates.

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