If you can make guitarists like Tom Morello and Vernon Reid stand up and say wow, you might be onto something. That's what happened for young Polish experimental guitarist Marcin Patrzalek, who just delivered a jaw-dropping version of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" that's making the internet rounds.

This isn't the first time Marcin has graced Loudwire's coverage for his playing, previously blending Beethoven with System of a Down during a 2019 appearance on America's Got Talent. The guitarist has a knack for not only being nimble across the fretboard but also being able to slap his instrument adding percussion into the mix, and his arrangement for Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" is something you've got to see.

For his performance, Marcin sets up in the middle of a parking garage, finding the acoustics particularly beneficial to his performance. Have a look in his Instagram post below.

Shortly after the post went up over the weekend, word quickly spread online. Tom Morello offered, "Some people are just really talented," with the hashtag: #HogwartsAxeslinger nodding to Marcin's coat and clean cut look. The guitarist hadn't even posted yet on Twitter when he spotted Morello's comment.

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist wasn't the only one providing praise. Living Colour's Vernon Reid stated, "Jimmy Page ain’t seen THAT coming! Got DAYUM." KISS' Paul Stanley offered "WOW!," while commenting on the video. And Jeremy Edge Project singer-guitarist Jeremy Edge called the performance "amazing." Marcin is also now on the radar of Michael McKean, who is also known as Spinal Tap's David St. Hubbins, after the actor spotted Alyssa Milano's post on the young guitarist.

Marcin later tweeted his appreciation for all the love shared online and added, "Check out my full videos on YouTube or if you're brave enough there's guitar tabs on my website! Much love."

The guitarist signed to Sony Music in 2020, but fans can still check out his musical interpretations online. For those interested, you can check out his guitar tabs via his website. You'll also find performances via his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

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